Thoughts & Process: 5 Fantastic Artists

What kind of art blog would this be if I didn’t spread the love of the medium? Today I’m sharing five wonderful artists who I am either inspired by, absolutely love to see thrive, think my audience would be enchanted by, or all of the above! This will be a bit of a shorter write up, but this is mainly because I’m sure the artwork will do all the talking.

An illustration of two men riding on a motorcycle


Not gonna lie, I found Yasuko through some of their Banana Fish fan-art (I love that series). But good god I stayed for the holy everything they’ve put out since. Yasuko, a young Chinese artist, is definitely a more character focused artist, making their compositions more dynamic with the various poses they draw them in, with the backgrounds normally just being vibrant flat colors. The characters themselves are also normally adorned with very stylish fashion that compliments the color choices well. Yasuko even goes so far as to sometimes mute various lineart details entirely, making the image seem flatter (such as the gloves on the character below), if it creates a more engaging space.

Yasuko’s artistic trademark seems to be their heavier, harsh inked lines they use for lineart, on top of a sort of stained paper texture that they overlay on top of their compositions. They are not shy to making fan art of various series obviously, but they give a lot of love to their own characters as well. They create artwork very regularly seemingly on their iPad. If you like what you see, I highly recommend checking them out!

Yasuko’s Socials:

Tran Nguyen

Tran is a well respected Vietnamese freelance illustrator who’s work consists mostly of women in various environments, which some neat twists that are seemingly normalized in her work. Examples of this are when she draws characters that are significantly larger than the houses and trees around them, who seem to just be living in the moment with whatever they are feeling. This specific element is more prominent in her older work. Her artwork in this sense, is the very definition of surreal. She has a lot of experience with illustrating book covers and making large fine art pieces, and she’s even made multiple large wall murals, with one of my favorites in Hawaii!

A photograph of a mural painted on a white brick wall. The painting is of a woman surrounded by yellow flowers. Mural painting by Tran Nguyen.

Currently Tran’s trend of artwork seems to be following a more fantasy style setting with fantastical creatures and humans alongside it. As someone who loves fairy style illustration and fantasy elements that embrace femininity, I could not be more excited for this trend, whether she’s doing it for a love of the genre or client commissions.

Tran’s Socials:


Enerjax is another artist I found through fan art (this time it was Fruits Basket), and another artist I came to love very quickly. Jax is an artist who’s very anime inspired but blends the characters they create into a light semi realistic style that’s so unique and gets to take advantage of the best parts of the anime aesthetic while creating what they wish. While it’s not the first thing you notice about their work, Jax is very good at creating engaging line-weights in their lineart that make their work standout. The creative ways they choose to use color to convey a depth of field or certain atmosphere are easily my favorite things about their work, such as how the dark hair in their Pisces illustration below becomes a very light purple the further back it is in the canvas. Jax has a very lovely store where you can buy their prints and merchandise.

An illustration of a woman crying by some leaf plants. The word "Pisces" is written on the bottom left corner. Art by Enerjax.

Enerjax’s Socials:

Heather Taylor’s Art

An illustration of a Chinese dragon in front of some flowers and clouds. The illustration is laid on top of a desk. Illustration by Heather.
Photos taken from Heather’s Instagram

Heather’s art is so vibrant, cute, and enchanting, it’s hard to look away from it all. Currently their artwork seems to be focusing on redrawing pop media creatures and incorporate them into their own style, such as various Pokemon and Mario enemies. These creatures are normally adorned with flowers and colorful objects to bring out an extra flair of cuteness and enjoyment of the finished piece. Heather is also a fan of having these illustrations be posted lying on her desk next to a pencil, giving the shared piece a standout amongst other social media posts.

Heather’s Etsy store focuses more on sticker merchandise. I would personally love it if she eventually moved towards prints, I wouldn’t be able to help myself from buying a print of her Suicune drawing!

Heather Taylor’s Art’s Socials:


This is one of those artists who almost every piece they make, it’s hard not to get a smile out of their work. Yeyuannnnn’s artwork mostly consists of illustrations of a grey happy hamster, doing various things in a cute manner. Yeyuannnnn has drawn this hamster character in reference to famous paintings, doing human tasks the best they can, and generally drawn them in various settings. Yeyuannnnn appears to use traditional media in the form of pencil and watercolor on a canvas, and makes almost daily illustrations. It’s clear they love what they do and the adorableness of it all is extremely infectious. I’ve been following them myself for over a year now and their consistency and output has been very regular and in great quality. It’s not a bad idea whatsoever to start your day with a pic of Yeyuannnnn’s new artwork, your life will be better for it!

A black, white, and yellow illustration of various characters posing in different fashion. Illustration by Yeyuannnnn.

Yeyuannnnn’s Socials:

That’s all for today, I’d like to do another one of these next year when I find even more artists to fall in love with. If there’s another artist out there that you feel deserves some love, please share them with me! Thanks for reading this far, I hope you may have found someone new to love. I wish you the best, until we meet again.

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