A Mint Word: February 2022

Well it’s already February, and somehow… I got less done than January opps. 2022 is already not looking good for me in terms of art but I’m not giving up on it yet! But that’s not to say I did nothing at all this month, I’ll just hop right into it.

Grey Kya Illustrations (I’m sorry I never got a different name to call them)

So big thing first that I’m sure my followers saw around a week ago: the last three Grey Kya illustrations were finally finished. I still want to go back and lightly texture some of the coloration in the first three drawings I did: black, purple, and green, but other than that, the entire set is done. It’s nice completing a project for a change. I didn’t talk very much about these new additions at all on my socials, so I’ll mention some brief things about them here.

An illustration of a woman looking up into the sky from the bust up. Silhouettes of trees and stars are decorated behind her.

The blue one I originally really liked, until a few days passed and I thought Kya looked a little derpy around the mouth. I’m not sure what to do about it. Maybe if I go back in and tweek it a bit I’ll figure something out, but I’m not holding my breath at this point. But at least I’m happy with how the gold stars on the bottom turned out.

An illustration of a woman resting her head on her shoulder, with her hand scratching the back of her head. She is adorned with apple blossom flowers and branches.

Pinkie is probably the strangest illustration out of all the Grey Kya illustrations. I had to figure out a new pose for her head, and the only thing I could come up with was her leaning on her shoulder. She’s got one arm bent up in the air, showing the most of her limbs out of any of the other illustrations in the set. The lineart ended up being a combination of two separate sketches I edited into one. And goddamn do I hate drawing branches! However, somehow all of it just came together into something I really like. Her pose, I think, still ends up making her stick out for the wrong reasons, but maybe that’s just more testament to how boring or stiff some of the other poses in the set were.

An illustration of a woman in a wedding veil with her back to the audience. The bottom of the illustration is adorned with snowflakes.

I always envisioned when I decided this was going to be a full fledged project that the white illustration would be the very last one, and Kya would be wearing some sort of wedding attire, with her back to the audience. The idea was that the white illustration would serve as a “graduation” of sorts, officially ending the set, and Kya facing away would symbolize that she was “moving on.” So ultimately, because my idea had been so solid for a year, I had no real troubles in the sketching stage and coloring. When it came to coloring, I was worried that the grey, black, and white only colors would look too boring. However, the texturing of the veil and snowflakes I think re-energized it so it would belong at home with the other drawings. No complaints about the last one really!

Overall I’m pretty happy with myself for My favorites out of the entire set were orange, yellow, and pink.

I think I’d like to do another project like this in the future, but with Ray instead of Kya, on completely white backgrounds (since Ray is such a pale OC anyways). But I don’t think I’ll start those anytime soon.

Other Small Things

I did a few more pre-made model character design concepts in my book I had mentioned last time. Nothing was really standing out until…

A sketch of a woman wearing some relaxed, slightly sexual fashion. A few various hairstyles in a smaller scale are drawn on the left of the page.

Yep. I absolutely loved this one. The hair style is something I’ve been trying to replicate in a couple other drawings, but I haven’t gotten it down well enough yet. I’ve also tried playing with this character’s clothing a bit and it seems to be moving in a direction I don’t particularly like. This character, who I am currently calling Vectra, is pretty complicated. The current idea with her is that she works in marketing, but goes to bars almost every night looking for hook ups and is also a singer. Thus, I want her to wear more bar oriented clothing, without having her clothes look too trashy. I really like the split bottom pants on her, and the top revealing her shoulders. I’m probably going to have to play around with her hair cut and clothing silhouette a little more.

Two sketches of a woman with slightly different outfits posing for the camera.

I also downloaded Procreate on my Ipad and tried to give it a whirl. I won’t lie, drawing on a handheld tablet as opposed to my second screen tablet is an entirely new learning curve for me, one I’m not sure I like quite yet. I’m also not sure if it’s just me being accustomed to Windows products or just Apple software genuinely being extremely stupid, the software on the Ipad just seems extremely short sighted to me in certain aspects, no fault of Procreate. But I’ll give it a few more shots, but please enjoy these dumb test drawings I made below for now.

A black and white line-art of a woman wearing sunglasses.
Words can’t hurt me, these shades are Gucci
An aged looking digital drawing of a woman with red hair smiling at the camera.
It was much easier to draw once I let my hand rest on the screen…

Other than that, a lot of this month was mostly conceptualizing and writing tidbits about my current project revolving Ray and her partner. Just lots and lots of note taking… that I can’t really show you all. I’m sorry.

Life Things

So I don’t want to get into this too much, but one of the reasons I haven’t gotten much done, in terms of drawings, this month is because I was having a family emergency. It kept me away from home for just about a week, and then other crap luck stuff started showing up like flat tires. Everything should be normal heading into March, at least I’d really like it if that was the case!


Other than that, I think that’ll wrap it up for this month’s progress. Sorry this is a shorter write up than usual, but at the same time I want to respect my followers’ time. Thanks for reading this far, I hope to have good things for March! I wish you the best, until we meet again.

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