Born and raised in rural New Hampshire, Mintisse found comfort in books and video games to pass the time in her own corner of the world. She immersed herself in various methods of storytelling and presentation, and as a teenager, even drew some of her own stories. She also created illustrations for author Pamela Yinger’s books before moving out for college.

Mintisse studied in Maine College of Art with an original interest in Illustration, but decided to pursue the more digital friendly major, New Media, after becoming so accustomed to Photoshop from pure self-interest. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2014, she continued to pursue an artistic career while working multiple smaller part time jobs. She found herself working as a Graphic Artist/Engraver in a signage shop, to a Graphic Designer for medical labels, to now a Designer/Engraver for fine art framing. All the while, she’s continued making self-fulfilling artwork and satisfying her commissioners.

Mintisse believes that unique and captivating presentation is one of the many keys to successful storytelling, and that first impressions are more important than the average audience is aware of. Inspired by one of her favorites series of all time, Fruits Basket, her goal with her current work is to create visually impressive stories with a human conflict, and small climaxes the reader is capable of utilizing themselves. She does this by conceptualizing a theme of the inanimate taking human form, and putting this form through a scenario she has experienced; such as battles of depression and grief.

She currently resides in the Massachusetts East Coast circle, with her fiance and a happy cat, treasuring an exciting new adventure together.

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